View Full Version : unmarked cops

30-11-2000, 16:46
watch out for the red and black BMW 3 series, also with videos, they've trailed me around Skipton a few times

01-12-2000, 18:11
Scope for the dark blue Volvo estate(s) in the Worcester area , also red Beemer 5 series M5 motorway , Juncs 2 to 8 , dark blue Mondy ST200 also.

All these unmarked with the insidious grill mount blues , and they like rally rep prey!!

01-12-2000, 19:44
hm.. just curious, what kind of vehicle and where is it? are they in europe?

in Hong Kong i saw a NSX, Volvo turbo(not sure), and some camrys.

02-12-2000, 14:39
The babylon were having a purge on the M5 today , between juncs 6-2 , spied another un-marked variant , light metallic blue Mondy totally unmarked , until it swoops , S reg ,usual concealed blues.

Keep em peeled.

09-12-2000, 22:20
another Skipton one to watch is a dark blue Impreza Turbo - W reg with little blue lights in the grille and amp; camera!