View Full Version : personal thought..Evo 5

29-11-2000, 00:47
is prolly the best Lancer http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/Happy.gif <!--e1-->


Mr Mime
29-11-2000, 09:46
It certainly looks better from the front than the 6. The large inboard fogs look more agressive. The 6's twin wicker rear wing looks better tho'

-Mr Mime

29-11-2000, 10:16
From a performance standpoint I have a suspicion that the ECU supplied with the E5 is more tolerant of performance tweaking than that in the E6.

29-11-2000, 12:25
I remember reading an article (Autocar?) that said something like...

In Japan, so many Evo 5's were chipped and crashed that Ralliart felt obliged to limit the aftermarket tuning abilities of the EVO 6.