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26-11-2000, 19:08

I posted a similar message about a month ago when I was checking out insurance on an Evo 1 / 2. I got the same sort of replies then one Saturday morning a guy called Damien posted saying that he worked for an insurance company and that he could help. No doubt touting for business, anyway I gave them a call and they beat my best quote by over 700!!!!!!!!!!!

Eventually I bought an Evo 3 and this is now insured through them the company is called Tett Hamilton and their phone number is 01275 856618 I suggest that you give them a call.

If you do please post a reply and let me know how cheap they were for you.

Best regards,


27-11-2000, 14:02
I've been quoted 7xx pounds fully comp with full protected NCB, no mileage limit and no silly excess by Adrian Flux on an Evo 1.

Interested to know what this co quoted you for comparison purposes.


11-12-2000, 16:17
Just phoned up for a new quote and its gone up to 1600 quid from 700 several months ago.
Loadsa claims being made apparently. Due to thieving scum or poor drivers I don't know.

Have contacted the insurance company named above and they will call me tomorrow with a quote. Will inform if it betters Adrian Flux.


11-12-2000, 16:40
Tett Hamilton came up with 1200 quid or so with 600 excess.
Anyone know of anywhere competitive. I need to get this down under a grand.


11-12-2000, 18:02
Try some of the contacts on <!--http--><a href|EQU| http://geocities.com/chunkybigfootcom/frameindex_insure.htm target|EQU| _blank >this list of companies who should consider imports.</a><!--url-->

11-12-2000, 19:29
I managed just over a grand on an E6 with class one business use included plus wife driving from Admiral. They were 350 cheaper than anything else, Flux included. HTH.


11-12-2000, 22:02
Try Bell Direct as they were 300 cheaper than Adrian Flux for me with only 350 excess (import Evo6). Quite a good package too.
Bell Direct : 0800 140 180
<a href|EQU| http://www.belldirect.co.uk target|EQU| _blank ><!--autohttp-->http://www.belldirect.co.uk</a><!--autohttp-->

12-12-2000, 16:19
My quote with Adrian Flux is due for renewal next week, and I've only had a modest increase from the 600 quid I was paying....

How come some people have had such massive rises ?


13-12-2000, 09:22
Haven't got a clue.

I'm early 30s, full licence for 14 years. no accidents / claims ever!
10|PLS| years NCB
living in good area for insurance.

Certainly looks like Flux don't want any new clients at present for some reason, which is a shame cos I'm not going to pay silly money. Might stop me getting the car.

13-12-2000, 09:44
You could try:

Tom G Butler
Schofield Insurance Brokers
T: |PLS|44 (0)113 250 0377
F: |PLS|44 (0)113 250 0399
M: |PLS|44 (0)498 762285

He does very good deals for Impreza P1's. He has a few Evo's on his books, one of which is Blowdog's. Unlike most people in the insurance world, Tom is an okay guy, most helpful etc.

13-12-2000, 11:39
Hmm, bizare. I just tried Privlege and they quoted about 500 quid more than Fluxie...
maybe no-one wants new clients...


22-12-2000, 11:34
Hi folks,

Have tried most of the companies mentioned here, and many on your list Chunky. Thanks guys.

Anyway, I got a tip off a guy on the evo egroup discussion forum to try directline (who are also my current insurers) and guess what. They came up trumps with the lowest quote. I wasn't even going to try them as I thought they would cover their low costs by just doing mainstream cars and low risk drivers etc.

Out of interest, my quotes in order to possibly help others in the future:
Reasonable (close to a grand):
1. Directline
2. Tett Hamilton
3. Footman James

A bit much (over 1600 quid):
1. A-plan
1. Adrian Flux
1. several others

So I've just got my lovely RalliArt key fob, I get to buy my new car in the New Year and if I can squeeze a further 20 nicker out of the pot I will join the trusty LTR which seems like a top group.

Merry Xmas all

22-12-2000, 20:06
I tried most of the companies mentioned here as well as many others. Most places wouldnt quote me as soon as they heard i had the stage1,flux didnt want to know. I wasnt quoted less than 2 grand, yes 2 grand by anyone. I'd almost given up when A-PLAN came up trumps. Anyone else had similar problems? I know living in london doesnt help but i paid 1400 last year but the brokers didnt offer me a renewal. It seems that modded evo's are an insurance nightmare ( i expected it to be bad but not this bad). Good luck guys(and gals), hope getting insured isnt so stressful for you lot.