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25-11-2000, 19:55
hi there guys and girls had a big problem today when I went out in the motor. picked up a puncture just before take off. have any of you had a puncture in your car? so what did you do? got my space saver out tried to fit it and i cannot repeat the words but the poxy thing did not go over the brake!! anyone know of this? now well pi55ed off but only had to drive a mile to pick up my sons fiesta so i was lucky. have not assessed damage to wheel yet (it was dark) so I thought I better warn everyone if they didnt know already.
keep it to the limits!!!

25-11-2000, 22:05
I've seen this before - but on Imprezas. On cars with bigger brakes the spare wheel wouldn't go on the front, so the trick is to put it on the back wheel and use the rear wheel on the front!

26-11-2000, 09:37
Thanks for the warnings. I will have to check that out. I will have to add a can of the old temporary repair mousse to my shopping list just in case.

26-11-2000, 11:21
Nice one Howard http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/TooHappy.gif <!--e13-->

I nominate you as the LTR representative in the next series of the Krypton Factor http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/Happy.gif <!--e1-->

26-11-2000, 15:37
Watch it with the repair mousse, i think once you've used it on/in a tyre, that tyre is useless and cannot be repaired.

26-11-2000, 17:15
With the modern mousse you are ok, so long as you warn the guy who is going to repair the wheel before hand.

I alwasy carry it in my MG race car when driving on the road as there is no room for a spare wheel.


28-11-2000, 18:39
cheers guys for the response. the tyre could not be repaired because there had been a screw on the very inside edge of the tyre. thanks howard for the advice but did not think of that at the time but i think this is a stupid design if you have a puncture on the front. a lot of ####ing about in the dark damp and cold evening that it happened.