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24-11-2000, 14:19
I am just about to search out quotes for a UK EVO VI has anyone got any recommendations and examples of cover and quotes.
Thanks Ian

24-11-2000, 17:06

I got a quote from Admiral that was over 350 cheaper than anything else (got about 6 or 7 quotes), including quite a few of the normal good bets like Flux. No funny conditions attached as far as I could see. Mine was not a Ralliart but this didn't make any difference according to them.

Sure I've seen you post on 22B - are you a Scooby defector?


24-11-2000, 18:18
Try Bell Direct on 0800 140 181. Cover for me (25)|PLS| girlfriend (24) was 1400 fully comp. with protected no claims free breakdown cover etc. this was 500 cheaper than anywhere else. It does include a 10% discount for paying in one go though.

24-11-2000, 18:33
Steve I do post on Scoobynet however I have been without a Scoob for a while now, I was holding out for the STi VII but cannot wait any longer for a decent car anymore.

Thanks for the info guys, I phoned Privilage ang got a Quote of 1307 with a Grand excess and, 1000 hi-fi cover, legal expenses and free breakdown cover as well. Think I shall try Bell direct in the morning and see what they can do.
Regards Ian.

24-11-2000, 19:59
I suggest that you check that any mods (now or future) will be covered. Some insurers will cover for an increased premium, BUT some won't allow any mods under any circumstances and amp; your policy would then be void in the event of a nasty .

24-11-2000, 21:43
Grey Import EVO VI
Age: 28
Postcode: GU30
Occupation: Electronics Engineer
No convictions
1 accident: third parties fault Jan 99
5 years No claims
Driver only insured
8000 miles/annum

Adrian Flux : 1560
Bell Direct : 1289 (including Bonus Protection)

Went for Bell after a recommendation. They were very quick (I confirmed quote Friday 9:30PM received documents Monday AM) They seem very effient and include courtesy car but can't confirm how good they are with claims. Anyone have any good/bad experiences with claims from any of the mentioned Insurance companies?

25-11-2000, 08:04
Forgot to mention the E6 is insured in my girlfriends name as she has 5years NCB. As I've had a company car I haven't. However when I recently replace my company car with a private one Bell direct said that because I was named driver on evo they would match the 5 years NCB. So now I've got 5 years NCB and can insure my V6 Clio when it arrives next year, without having to get rid of EVO. They are def. worth calling open 8-10 wekk 10-4 weekend. I spent 3 days on the phone when I bought the EVO (every possible company I could think of) and they were cheapest by miles.

26-11-2000, 09:42
Btw only 350 excess for me with Bell.