View Full Version : Paintwork Protection

20-11-2000, 22:21
I've heard about Armourfend, as posted, that's a sheet that's applied to senstitive areas to protect against chipping.

Permagard is like a sort of super wax that gets applied, just stays on longer than normal. Don't know if it would pritect against chipping to the degree that Armourfend would. There is a Dutch website www.permagard.nl but it doesn't have a lot of info. Ther isn't a UK one that i'm aware of but i've got a phone number somewhere if it's needed.


Martin Stirling
21-11-2000, 11:21
I'd like the number please. Had my VI for six weeks and it's already aquired a number of nasty cips on the bonnet and front wings - and I have mud flaps!

I considered Armourfend but although their product looks good, their prices are horrendous..


21-11-2000, 22:17
The number is 01926 409797, guy called Jan Woltynski, may go through to a mobile answerphone, but if you leave a message he'll get back to you. Not sure how good it will be for chip prevention, but it's worth a try. If you become a guinea pig keep us informed - and see if you can get the LTR a discount!!