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18-11-2000, 21:42
John Smith From Doncaster had this problem cured on his Evo IV by co-ordsport. For 70 they simply replaced the AYC diff oil and amp; bled it free of any air.
Hope this helps,

22-11-2000, 00:01
Unfortunately this is only a temporary cure to an ever increasing problem.

I had the fault rectified in much the same way and this remedy lasted for 3000 miles or so. The second oil replacemant lasted slightly less and now it seems that the diff is squarking after only 300 miles. All E4s seem to be plagued with this fault and 6's are are totally unaffected. the reason is that MMC have changed the torque transfer plates on the 6 after realizing that they fitted sub standard plates in the E4's and early 5's. This should be a recall item but MMC are only replacing the ECU's.