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17-11-2000, 16:53
I've found some details re Permagard. Apparently new to the UK - was featured in Revs recently. Advanced polymer shell that is applied to vehicle. Forms a barrier on the paintwork against all the usual environmental hazards. Difference is is that its guranteed for 2 years (in France, where it comes from, its for 5 years!) Washing becomes a matter of rinse off dirt, and that's it. No more waxing for the foreseable future!

As ever, these things come at a price - introductory offer of exterior and all interior - 250. might be worth it for the very fastidious of you out there.


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and amp;gt; I've read a couple of quotes from people in various mags who
and amp;gt; have permagard 5000 on
and amp;gt; their vehicles paintwork. Seems like some sort of protective
and amp;gt; cover/application. I also recall seeing something as an option on
and amp;gt; the Jap Mits site. Does anyone know any more about this and where
and amp;gt; you can find it in the UK. I've been unable to find anything on the
and amp;gt; web.
and amp;gt;
and amp;gt; Thanks.
and amp;gt;
and amp;gt; Kevin.

18-11-2000, 14:23
re Permaguard, beleive it was used on `greys` at STI imports in Bristol.see links. My car has a protective film applied to all the areas affected by stone chips e.g bumper,lights, bonnet, mirrors, sills,arches etc. Not cheap but does stop the stone chips. you only notice a line where the film stops.9000 miles and only one stonechip! company is called Armourfend and is fitted by their fitters. You do need something as the paint is wafer thin.

20-11-2000, 15:15
So this thing is a plastic film you glue on or what?

Any www info on it anywhere?