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16-11-2000, 21:37
I have a few copies -15- of the article ( actual magazine print - don't ask how !) available to you 'unfortunates' who are unable to find the mag. Send me an A4 first class stamped address envelope and I will send you a copy.

Trevor Mudd
LTR - Northern Events Co-ordinator
22 Broomhill Ave
S81 7QP

17-11-2000, 01:01
Can you scan it and post it on the net somewhere ?

Then we can all have a look ?

18-11-2000, 10:00
Sorry, I haven't got a scanner !!!!

18-11-2000, 18:32
Went to WHSmiths today with the express intention of purchasing Banzai, came away without it though http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/Sad.gif <!--e2-->

Not because they didn't have it (they did) but becuase I scanned the 'article' in the shop and basically read the whole lot in less than 3 mins while the missus leafed through Cosmo.

Bit more text and comparison data would have been nice, aswell as the lowdown on Al's handbrake turns (you bloody hooligan |EQU|)

19-11-2000, 17:04
I bought a copy without reading first and wish now that I didn't bother. Reading the article wouldn't inspire me to go out and buy a Lancer. We would do better posting in the readers wives oops, sorry, cars section.

For those who took part, your cars all looked great.



mr chippendale
22-11-2000, 10:19
But boy are the owners ugly !!! Who? let the dogs out (WOOF WOOF)

22-11-2000, 11:57
LOL http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/Happy.gif <!--e1-->


22-11-2000, 23:40
Glad you noticed big boy, but im sorry, i'm very happy with my girlfriend but im sure theirs plenty of lady boy sites on the net just waiting your hunk of a body.
Keep being sexy, you love machine you,
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