View Full Version : censorship on co-ordsport site

16-11-2000, 21:15
I can no longer post on the co-ordsport site - I've been censored !!

All I tried to do was post the Colt Car Company phone number under Peter Collinson's post saying that he wasn't allowed to give-out their number !

The number is 01285 655 777

I'll donate 30:00 to the charity of your choice to the first person who manages to get the number posted on the co-ordsport site, or for that matter if anyone gets anything controversial posted on their site : try saying that mitsubishi make mechanically flawed cars and asking them to respond , for instance - an extra 30:00 if colt cars or even co-ordsport reply and admit it !!

16-11-2000, 21:34
Don't be so paranoid Brammo

Your messages are posted but you must click the little Hyperlink
that says next page to see your messages.

Now How silly do you feel now


17-11-2000, 16:32
I'm obviously getting too excited ....

Suppose I'll have to give 30;00 to Childreen In Need tonight then !