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15-11-2000, 14:29
Hi everyone

I picked up my RSX yesterday from Ralliart.

I won't be slagging off my Scooby that I just sold because I loved her to bits. However, even the most stable relationships sometimes come to an end abruptly when lust takes over...

Anyway, back to the question. How sensitive is the EVO VI to tyre pressures and what pressures would you guys recommend for fast road use?

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I am a newbie and my search of the bbs didn't yield anything.


15-11-2000, 19:17
Hi Nigel,
How are you finding your RSX I took one for a test drive about 2 months ago. I loved the car but can not afford it untill I can sell my Sti Type R. What Subaru did you have before? What are the best points about it? I think I am going to change my Subaru, do you think it will be worth it?
p.s. What price did you pay for it and did you get a discount? (Sorry I could not answer your original question)

16-11-2000, 13:16
Congrats Nigel!
Hope you're enjoying your new car.
I ran 35F/33R on my GSR and found that to be about right for fast road use.
So much depends also on what tyre you have, different tyres work better at different pressures.
The only way to really find perfection is experiment a bit.
I find my own car (which, like yours, does not have AYC) sensitive to tyre pressures. I think it's a bit less important with the GSR's as the AYC hides a bit of the difference at the limit.


16-11-2000, 13:41

I only picked the car up yesterday, so I haven't had a chance to form much of an opinion. I'll post first impressions after returning from following Rally GB!

My Scoob was a MY98 UK car. The RSX reminds me of my old Integrale in that it is a Group A homologation car and so more closely related to the rally cars.

In addition to the above, there were 4 things about the EVO VI which encouraged me to move over from the Scoob:

1. The brakes
2. The quicker steering
3. The increased urge
4. I just love the look of the EVO.

I was told by Ralliart that my RSX was the last-but-one of 30 (don't know if this was sales-speak).

The base price was 25,995 plus 1,000 for the 3 yr warranty. They wouldn't negotiate on price but I got them to throw in the red mudflaps and carpet mats for free (total value 390!).

Thanks Alan for your advice on tyre pressures. This sounds similar to my Scoob which was recommended 30 Front, 28 rear I think but I found the car felt much better on 34 all round.