View Full Version : Banzai Out Today 15th Nov.

15-11-2000, 07:15
Well it's here,

and the cover looks great with all the assembled clan together.

Story starts page 50 with a centre spread and a good write up with excellent pictures.

Only a couple of mistakes (sorry Kevin Atkins!)http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/TooHappy.gif <!--e13-->

2.95 at a Spar, sorry newsagent near you.

Autocar also featues spy shots of Evo VII complete with cheesy wing!

Worth the wait
15-11-2000, 12:18
Thank god it's here but although it looks great i think a couple more pictures could have been added and maybe a poster of them all.

Overall though Brilliant!

Also in the magazine it says that Banzai are organizing a Shoot out hope lots of Evo's can be there.

15-11-2000, 12:45
Just had a sly read in WH Smiths - looks good!