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12-11-2000, 20:26
Rally Update

Tommi Makinen won the Rally Australia today ahead of Gronholm and amp; Burns.

www.eurosport.com have some good info on the event.

12-11-2000, 22:20
Well-done Tommi!

13-11-2000, 05:54

Apparently Mits and Tommi have been stripped of the win 'cos of an illegal turbo. Doesn't look like they plan on appealing, shades of Toyota a few years back?

13-11-2000, 08:09
taken from the bbc web site:

World Rally Championship officials on Monday disqualified the flying Finn after testing the turbo charger on his Mitsubishi car and ruling that it did not to conform to championship specifications.

However there was no suggestion of cheating as officials felt it was an honest mistake and no further action would be taken against Makinen or his team, the Australian Associated Press reported.

I don't think this is going to be like Toyota-Gate . Let's hope not for the good of the sport.

13-11-2000, 08:24
Is WRC becoming like F1?
As in this season, there was no doubt from day one who was going to win it, no matter what car finished where (i.e. sort out the desired result afterwards with obscure rulings and disqualifications)?
Maybe it was decided at the outset this year that in order to keep interest up from the Scoobs and Focusususususes of the world Tommi would NOT be allowed to win (he's had a few dodgy time penalties etc.)?
Just a light-hearted thought[img]http://www.ltregister.force9.co.uk/graphics/Happy.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


13-11-2000, 17:24
I understand that the Turbo problem was that the cold water piping in the turbo casting is normally blocked with a blanking plate. On this occasion, the casting has been changed by the supplier to one with integral blanking, possibly for next year's homologation. Thus the change has no affect on performance.
Perhaps the Stewards on the event should concentrate more on the spirit of the regulations, rather than exact details.
Regarding the lack of a protest by the Mitsubishi team, they take a view that protests are not within the spirit of competition, which is a refreshing thing these days!

13-11-2000, 17:46
Anyone see Burnsy take out the valve on his rear tyre causing it to 'puncture' and then was given an amount of time to change it. Therefore making Tommi go before him on a still dirty track. - No problem he still won by a considerable margin with the 'red mist' down!

If that ain't cheating I don't know what is !!

Watch it tonight on Eurosport 8.30 I think.

Jerry Flint
13-11-2000, 18:16
Looks as the the EVO has come good at the end of the season. I wonder what he'll be driving next season.


Jerry Flint
13-11-2000, 21:19
Excellent Result and Rally Venue - spoiled by politics! Seen that in F1!

14-11-2000, 00:28
Shame about the disqualification.

This is what Mitsubishi plan to do next year.

Last night Mitsubishi Ralliart confirmed its 2001 rally programme with
Tommi Makinen and Freddy Loix being retained for the new season. The team
will contest most of the year with an updated version of the current
Lancer Evolution 6 RS but will introduce Mitsubishi's first World Rally Car
at the San Remo Rally. Mitsubishi confirmed its intention of continuing
crucial Group A and Group N development work on behalf of its massive
customer base.

Lets hope!

14-11-2000, 11:07
You see that was my point about it getting like F1...
Current flavour Burnsy gets away with letting his tyre down deliberately and calling it a puncture.
There is a small technical difference internally in Tommi's turbo, which gives no performance advantage, and he's disqualified!

Did you see smug Burns on Eurosport last night when he was questioned about letting his tyre down?
****y b%stard...


14-11-2000, 12:24
Erm - unfortunately Burn's puncture came after Tommi did a deliberate jump start towards the end of the day before to get a 10 second penalty, meaning he'd run 4th on the road rather than 1st onthe last day - Burns' puncture ploy but him back behing Tommi.

The only real way to stop this bull****e is for the first 10 to draw lots on road order - otherwise it'll get worse.


14-11-2000, 17:07
I don't believe that the holding back approach is anywhere near as bad on other rounds as it is in OZ. Whilst the 206 has been on form all year, many rounds have been very close with multiple manufacturers in the top few spots. Good to see Makinen and amp; The Evo's form improving late season.

After following the event I don't know why they don't put more course cars through to get rid of the loose top surface before the WRC competitors run. It would help remove the potential WRC credibility issue on this particular event whilst still letting the competitors run in the proper order.

If we run a LTR rally for members in OZ next year we will definitely do it that way.