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07-11-2000, 14:52
Hi everyone,

My TM is going to be used over very rough roads (third-world tarmac and gravel) i.e. 225/45 will not survive for a long time. Has anyone tried to fit some higher profile? Not sacrificing the 17 diameter for the sake of preserving the looks. In principle must fit as I believe Tommi does not go into action on 45s anywhere but Monte-Carlo, but has anyone got his/her own fitting experience?

Thank you,

07-11-2000, 15:10
Either 185/60 17 or 205/55 17 are going to give you about the same rolling diameter as 225/45 17 I don't know wether you can get anything in these sizes otherwise its wheel change time i am afraid.

Cheers Sean

07-11-2000, 16:50
Try looking at Pirelli XR50 P Zero tyres. I use 15 inch XR50s on an Evo for all surface rallies, they work well everywhere and do not puncture. I believe there is a 17 inch version, you will need to talk to a supplier of COMPETITION Pirelli rubber.