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06-11-2000, 10:18
Hi everybody,

Thanks for the turn out yesterday. I thought 3 or 4 if I was lucky, I would have put a bit more effort in had I known!http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/TooHappy.gif <!--e13--> I didn't take a full count but I think there was 10 including the 2 scoobys.

Sorry we got a little split up towards the end, I trust you all got home ok.

We hit a great road on the way back which needs visiting again in the future.

If you would like to do it again on the 3rd Dec please let me have your e-mail and I will keep you posted via that.

Next time I would hand out maps before hand then we all no what's what including moblie numbers. I didn't realise how hard keeping 10 cars together would be, especially with the Hyundai Accent Coupe LXI Lux S.E. mobile chicane!http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/TooHappy.gif <!--e13-->

I have a terrible memory for names and can remember cars better, please include the car you were driving with your e-mail then i can make the connection.

All in all not bad for a first effort, thanks to peely for the route help and Browns for the meeting spot/coffee.

See you soon.

Anybody going to ralliart on Sat?

06-11-2000, 17:08
Yep I had a good time too.
Nearly put it sideways though trying to catch up on that twisty road. Keeley decided that she couldn't keep up so we did a quick driver change and I tried to catch you lot up. But failed.
Definately up for it again.
Is anyone going to the cruise in Clitheroe??

06-11-2000, 19:29

any chance of mailing me your digi-pics?

06-11-2000, 20:00
Just a quick thanks

1. Browns for hospitality and amp; coffee at meet point.

2. Hunty for getting off his **** and amp; organising it.

3. Peely for an interesting route.

4. The Royal Oak in Hornby for excellant pub grub and amp; making us welcome.

5. Everyone who made the effort to turn up.

Look forward to the next one - down Chesire way was mentioned!

Pesky http://www.ltregister.com/graphics/TooHappy.gif <!--e13-->

06-11-2000, 20:44
Adrian,Keeley,Kevin etc.etc.
Had a good laugh Sunday! Ive never seen so many angry walkers,cycleists,sunday drivers puzzled plod.
It was like something off a carry on film!
My mate Paddy has now got the bug.All he needs to do is flog his plastic rat (Lotus)and spend some dosh. My other mate Mark and his girlfreind enjoyed themselves although she was nurseing a bad hangover.
Ive got some more freinds with Evo's who i will introduce next time,
all good guys.Mark has offered a sugestion for a meet if anyone fancies as follows-
All meet at his local Mitsi agent,Grensons,Middlewich rd. Crewe on a Sunday morning,same routine grab a brew/chat,up to Oulton park for a bit of entertainment,when thats run out theres a Beafeater on the Middlewich rd. we could invade,and call it a day any interest? We would need to pick a day of particular interest for Oulton of course.



06-11-2000, 23:17
Glad you enjoyed the route chaps!

Pesky, didn't see you turn off, but you missed a cracking drive back.

Adrian I thought you'd gone a different way home.

I swapped over and let my mate Mick drive the car for the first time, his expression and smile said it all (and the colourful language he used). Lets just say he was impressed with the car and how it performed on that road.

Kevin I think maybe yours or my reg.number may have been taken with a few unimpressed ramblers on the way back, but I must admit we where reaching some silly speeds,(Yeeeha).
Really enjoyed it, see ya next time.


27-11-2000, 07:52
Sorry, don't know if this has been discussed already, but I seem to remember a planned meetup on the first Sunday of the month, no?

Anyone up for it next weekend? Location?

27-11-2000, 08:47

I am going to plan the route today with Tim.

First thoughts were to include calling on the Rally at Weeton Army camp but it has been cancelled.

So similar plan to last time, with a decent drive and a stop for lunch.

If possible I would like to start a little earlier to avoid traffic, 9-9.30a.m.

I will post the route on here tomorrow and e-mail you if I have your address.