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19-01-2001, 21:47
Hi there,

Well, I picked it up yesterday and I have had ear to ear GRIN factor since. I have aquired a 99 T EVO 6 GSR in Silver.

I've been pretty busy so havn't had much time behind the wheel but here's my first impressions:

Respect. You can just feel the power even without using it. This car needs to be treated with respect. I've had other mad fast cars but didn't sense that power feeling you can now.

Fuel: Well I knew it wasn't going to be great and I have covered now 130 miles on just over half a tank; so what the heck ! If I get 200 to a tank I'll be happy.

Water Spray: when do I use this ?????

Anything else I need to know ?

So, I'm very happy with my purchase and am looking forward to many miles of great driving. It's now a question of how long I can resist 'modifiying' in some way.

Cheers !

Heave Ho Six
19-01-2001, 22:52
Shall I quote from my Evo bible?

You will press the Intercooler Water spray button a couple of times, laugh at the amount of water that comes out and never use it again unless you accidently rest your elbow on it.

To be honest the spray is next to useless as in my opinion it doesn't pump out enough water. I spoke to an Impreza owner who had fitted a water spray and his pumps out a LOT more water than the standard EVO one. He did reckon that he got a noticeable performance boost though in warm weather. It is only of use in the summer/hot weather as it cools the intercooler due to evaporation of the water from the intercooler surface. If you use it winter you will not get any benefit as the intercooler will be suffiently cooled by the ambient air temperature anyway. In fact with the freezing weather upon us I would have thought that spraying water onto the intercooler (and don't forget the radiator) matrix is the last thing you would want to do!
When the good weather comes then you can try it out (don't forget to fill the reservoir up first it gets used up quickly). Give a good long press on the button in order to get a good soaking of the intercooler before you want an extra performance boost.
Don't forget to fill the reservoir up with a mixture of water and windscreen washer fluid as it prevents it freezing in winter.