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Benny Boy
03-11-2000, 19:35
Test drove 2 EVO 5s today with a view to upgrading from the R32 GTR. Obviously they are great cars but I prefer mine. To some extent I was gutted fully expecting to be salvitating after a drive but no, not at all actually, just felt non plussed.
I can now feel happy that when I am overtaken by an EVO on a track I decided against such a capable car for my own good reasons. Maybe if I had an R33 my verdict would have been different but then I haven't even driven one of those either yet.

So, to sum up, even though the EVO is such a great car I just think the R32 is fantastic and great value although expensive to fix.

Anyhow, nice to know i was offered 1,500 more than I paid for mine.



04-11-2000, 08:26
Benny, see my question also on 22B. Would be interested to know what left you cold.


Benny Boy
04-11-2000, 09:14
Hi Steve
Not too sure actually. The cars weren't quicker (I didn't expect them to be), they were more comfortable for ingress/egress and just in general, they rode better (I have Nismo suspension) but I think it was the way they delivered the power.

The Skyline is a real bruiser of a car and just demolishes roads where as the EVO will dance around in total composure and whilst ultimately much faster A to B, not as much fun.

The other thing is the engine on the Skyline is fabulous and all the benefits you gain from a big torquey motor for me outweigh the frantic gearchanging you get with the EVO in comparison.

If I didn't have my R32 I would have bought the EVO I am sure.

The bottom line is that the Skyline suits me better than the EVO.



04-11-2000, 12:46

Thanks for the post. I appreciate your fair-minded assessment of these two cars. I have never driven any of the Skyline derivatives but have been intrigued by this car. As an E5 owner I have a great deal of respect for the Skyline.

Just for clarification. Would I be correct in saying that you found the ride better in your R32 and preferred its less frantic power delivery?

06-11-2000, 14:49
Yes skyline is better than evo.
Much fun.CAR mag thinks like me too.
I think IMPREZAs AND SKYLINEs are better cars than evos.
yellow head:evo
other :skyline and impreza

06-11-2000, 15:05
Hi there IMPREZA-P(r)1(ck)

It's time to play the music,
It's time to light the lights....

Don't rise the bait folks.

07-11-2000, 13:04
All three are modern clasics and IMHO the skyline and lancer are the cannine undercarrage sorry but the scooby is just too comon it don't make it a bad car just not quite great. Anyone remember the R32's running in the uniroyal prodution saloons or even the aussie touring cars!!! nuff said. Having said all that about the skyline the evo still looks fab and judging by the way they were going at cadwell in march, pretty sharp too.
The thing that really kills the scooby is the fact that even the law have got their hands on them!!!!!!!!

Cheers All

08-11-2000, 19:23