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14-09-2001, 12:05
What is the running in period for a new 6 Tme?. Thanks

15-09-2001, 13:12
1200 miles officially. The engine is hand built, and I think if I remember correctly that they don;t put a fully synthetic oil in until 4500 miles. Ralliart recommend semi-synthetic until then, and I think it ships a mineral oil to start with. Same with my M5, and TVRs I have owned before.

Most reports show that the engine isn't really loose till you have put about 10,000 miles on it. Like a good wine, gets better with age :D

Definitely stick to 3000rpm till 1200 miles, and then build up to full revs. Always be careful when cold - don't trust the water temp guage - oil takes longer to heat up, and you should be careful with your engine when the oil is cold.