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12-06-2001, 13:32
Hi Members,

how many PS I will get after the installation of the ECU from Ralliart. How are your experience with this ECU. Which are the positiv and negative things?
Any Price Idea what does it cost ?

12-06-2001, 14:19
Hi Greek guy

The Ralliart Sports ECU costs GBP 550 from www.irs.co.jp. Plus import tax and VAT and shipping.

This ECU will not give you a power increase by just fitting it in the place of the original ECU. However, if you have an aftermarket exhaust (HKS, Magnex, Blitz, etc) and you have increased the turbo pressure either by changing the restrictor or with a boost controller, the Sports ECU will give your car enough fuel for these higher pressures. The original ECU would just cut the fuel at around 1,30 -1,35 bars (peak I think) and you would get a fuel cut.

14-06-2001, 17:18
IOW go buy one, order an exhaust with extension kit if you dont have one!

17-06-2001, 18:02
Hi Claudius,
what do you think about the Supersprint Exhaust System for the EVO6 ?
Do you believe after this i will get more BHP for my evo ?

17-06-2001, 19:26
Hi Greekguy!

I've got an evo v rs,with a supersprint complete exhaust,power engineering fuel pump and hks racing suction kit fitted.
Claudius tryied to fit the ralliart sports ecu on his standard evo vi rs2,but the acceleration was worst than with the standard ecu,and only slightly better when he turn up the boost level.
He let me try the ralliart sports ecu on mine,and it was really faster than before!
That's because the ralliart sports ecu is programmed to be used with a special exhaust,air filter,intercooler piping kit,and off course more boost.

If you fit the ralliart sports ecu get something to monitor the boost,as if you have for example a failure of the wastegate actuator,you don't have the standard ecu fuel cut at
1.3bars,and you could run too much boost for a long time and damage the engine.

The supersprint exhaust work very well,but the cat back was already fitted when I got the evo,I just bought the downpipe and decat pipe.
If I had to buy a new exhaust,I would probably go for something else,depending on what you want to do.If you want to do big mods,over 400bhp,there are many special japanese exhaust systems that are really straight and high quality,titanium,etc.
If you just want to get the filter/ecu/exhaust,you can get the magnex for around 550,and it should be about similar to the supersprint,but the supersprint costs around 900.
If you want to spend a little bit more,you can go for the hks hyper muffler,it should have more sound than the supersprint,and if you get it with the extension kit,it will include the turbo elbow,that is the part before the downpipe,that usally is not included in the others exhausts.At 950 it's not really cheap but you get something more than the others!
There is also the new apex hayabusa that looks cool and it's really light!

Have a look at these sites!

17-06-2001, 19:30
You will have between 330 and 350bhp with a complete exhaust,blitz or hks air filter,ralliart sports ecu and more boost,between 1.3 and 1.5bars.
You will really feel the difference!

Ralliart uk recommend to change the conrod bolts for arp ones when you get the boost turned up.

14-07-2001, 14:50
Interesting info. Done the Ecu (RA), filter, removed cat, increased boost to 1.4 bar (different jet), but what do I need to maintain 1.4 bar over the whole rev range? In my Eagle Talon days I used a HKS EVC. What is an easy, not to expensive solution?

15-07-2001, 08:41
Nice nickname Gerrit. Can't Nils at RA install it that it peaks at 1.5 and holds 1.3 bar. That should give you a nice shave in the back. Maybe send RA UK or Coordsport an e-mail concerning that.



The Anarchist
23-08-2001, 20:23
The Ralli Ecu is very good value for money but as previously stated fit the stage one first and remember the Ralliart has no fuel cut defender.[img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->