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01-04-2001, 09:27
I have a Ralli Art 1999 Evo 6 with an HKS exhaust and amp; air filter fitted, without spending thousands of what would you lot recommend adding that would be a must have option in your opinion. I've heard a titanium turbo makes a vast difference, also, has a winner been declared in the brake disc debate?

01-04-2001, 10:26
ARP bigend bolts , PE ecu remap , fuel pump upgrade , boost controller and 1.5 bar boost,turbo outlet pipe |PLS| downpipe (HKS is ok PE is better) , and u won't get yr breath [img]http://www.ltregister.f9.co.uk/graphics/happy1.gif border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle ><!--e1-->

01-04-2001, 12:22
Anyone care to explain how they think the Titanium turbo increases performance ?

Kevin A

01-04-2001, 13:31
I don't think I will consider PE ECU remap as a must have option.

Heave Ho Six
01-04-2001, 15:03
Titanium Turbo has a titanium/aluminium turbine wheel. It is lighter than the standard item and therefore will spool up quicker. In other words it will reduce turbo lag slightly. I don't think it is worth fitting one unless you can get one cheap as you might as well spend the extra on a bigger turbo or other more cost effective mods.

01-04-2001, 17:59
If you don't want to go for the motec m48 ecu,as it is quiet expensive(1500),go fo the
ralliart sports ecu with higher boost.
You can get it at 660 with the ltr,and is't a complete new unit,not a remapping.
If you have only the cat back exhaust go for the turbow elbow and downpipe from hks,the extension kit(420).
The power engineering fuel pump will not give you a power improvement but it's a good idea
as the standard pump will loose some power when getting old and the pe one is also less expensive.

01-04-2001, 17:59
Titan Turbo,
Propaganda spread by Ralliart to flog new turbo's.
IMHO a replacement turbo is not needed if no more than 380 bhp is required.
If we are talking strictly must have items then turbo outlet and downpipe are the ones (one in the case of PE as it's one piece), however without upping boost the full benefit is not obtained.

01-04-2001, 22:37
ralliart ecu
cold air in....ducted
cold air whilst in....hks intercooler pipes
cool the cold air down cooler.....aftermarket intercooler
big frontpipe,ported elbow maybe,de-cat
boost controller...1.6 peak,1.5 hold
plus one or two tricks that cost nothing
all this together is not cheap but each part compliments the other and
will give you a realistic gain and it will go reasonably well
whatever you do get it set up by someone who knows evos
people will tell you that many settings cannot be changed or altered
they can !

25-04-2001, 14:20
Thanks very much everybody.