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21-02-2002, 13:25
Hey Guys,

I've been thinking about future modifications for my car and I have been particularly interested in Turbos. I want a big turbo, but not too big such that it will become too laggy - I don't plan to use a stroker kit. I am considering the following turbos:

HKS (Kansai) GT30307S kit
TRUST TD06S-L2 20G (Blades) or maybe 25G

Has anyone had experience with the above turbos? I guess the BB turbos are the ones to go for, but they are more costly. I am thinking of getting the GT 3037S kit. Now, I am a bit concerned about all this talk about how EVOs 4|PLS| have had their engines reversed and thus their turbos are reversed spun? I own an EVO4 GSR.

I remember on one post a while back how there is a HKS GT 3037R turbo? The R standing for reversed spun? Now, on the HKS Kansai website they sell the HKS GT 3037S kit for EVO Lancers. Is this correct? Apart from HKS Kansai, do any other companies make the GT 3037 kit? I am a bit confused between the GT3037S and GT3037R? Are they the same thing? Can anyone help?

Another question, if I plan to run about 250kW at the wheels...what kind of internals should I carry out? How good are the standard EVO engine internals? Will a simple HKS Metal Head Gasket be sufficient? Or would I have to go for forged pistons, conrods...etc?

Thanks in advanced.

21-02-2002, 16:13
3037R is a misprint - it should be 3037S and it differs from the 3037 in having a 100mm intake instead of a 70mm intake. A good manifold and a correctly sized ball bearing turbo will have similar lag to the original setup.

250kw - 335hp at the wheels - the 3037's are good for 480hp at the flywheel.
I would definitely be looking at uprated rods and pistons at this level.

21-02-2002, 21:58

For the 3037S, The tuners that have them are Kansai and Bozz Speed. For the 2835, It's almost a lot more tuners. Kansai, Bozz Speed, Mine's, etc.

The 2835 is a good all around turbo. 3037s have a little lag on them but the power is great once boost comes in. I had the 3037S before on my TME, then I changed to 3240, then T64. Ordered a T61 to see if I can still run same horsepower but better midrange. :)

Best of luck.

22-02-2002, 05:51
Hey Guys,

Thanks Lightspeed for clearing up that thing about the GT3037R. Yes, at the moment I am comtemplating the GT3037S. I probably would want to get some internals done before changing the turbo right?

TurboAWD, how does the 3037S compare to the 3240? What physical differences are there? What about maximum bhp achievable? Was there much difference in power from a 3037S to a 3240? Is there much more lag with a 3240? I don't want my car to become too laggy cos it will be used as a street-car and I will also compete in 1/4 mile runs. Just out of interest, are you selling or have you sold your 3240? I guess it came as a kit? If you are selling, I'd be very interested :)


Claudius v1.4
22-02-2002, 09:38
Those are quite big turbines actually! Especially the 3037! It will have a lot of lag.

Appearently it is a good idea to uprate the crankshaft as well, for reliability purposes.

oli goon
22-02-2002, 12:14
watch out for surge on a really big turbo. you really need to get the compressor map to make an informed decision.

lightspeed found the map for the td06-20g and i have stuck it on an excel spreadsheet. i can e-mail you a copy of this if you want. Blade recknoed there was no increase in lag with this turbo which ainst bad considering it'll flow ~20% more air than standard turbo. probably no good for mega power though.

22-02-2002, 13:04

Big lag on the 3240. But I was able to get 467HP to the wheels on it. On the 3037S, 420Hp to the wheels. Low 11 quarter miles witl the 3240. My 10 sec run was with the T64.

I still have the 3240 laying around. E-mail me if you are interested.