View Full Version : wrx to evo 6 hks boost controller swap

17-02-2002, 19:17
I've got this EVC boost controller gathering dust in my garage ever since I part x'd my scooby a year ago.The warranty that came with the car is'nt worth a w##k anyway (as I found out last month when my air con compressor disintergrated ruining the whole system, this is a thread in its own right!) So without fear of invalidating my warranty lets start tuning. ABP Motorsport fitted a HKS Hiper muffler and Magnex de cat plus a HKS super power flow two weeks ago and offered to fit the EVC4 for 190 adding the correct harness to fit the evo.
Is this the route to go down or should I go see RC in Warrington, what sort of power could I expect to see, ( oh and what do you make of the air con prob its allready cost me a grand for the fitment of the compressor , now my local dealer says i've got to replace all the rest of the system at a cost off 1900).


17-02-2002, 21:02
John - I own a Refrigeration company which both installs and amp; services moblie A/C systems and rest assured the money that you paid for the compressor is OTT and amp; the quote to replace the rest of the system is a joke right ??

Junichi Tanaka
17-02-2002, 21:23
Go see RC, they know their job. You will see the power you want between 350 and 400 bhp

17-02-2002, 22:00
Dave these are the costs of my local Ralliart approved main dealer. If you can fix it cheaper the job is yours

Heave Ho Six
18-02-2002, 00:24
Blade had an A/C system up for sale off his RSX. I assume the mechanicals will be the same as the GSR C/C. Let me find the thread....tum te tum.....

<!--http--><a href|EQU| http://www.lancerregister.com/cgi-bin/UltraBoard/UltraBoard.pl?Action|EQU|ShowPost and amp;Board|EQU|1 and amp;Post|EQU|191 and amp;Idle|EQU|0 and amp;Sort|EQU|0 and amp;Order|EQU|Descend and amp;Page|EQU|3 and amp;Session|EQU| target|EQU| _blank >Here it is</a><!--url--> and it looks like it is still up for sale for 200.

19-02-2002, 20:09
John - I`ll sort it out for you at a sensible price , give me the car for a few hours to assess it and I`ll give you a fixed cost to repair it :)

It is very rare ever to have to replace a system , this sort of talk normally means that they haven`t got a glue what the fault is but if they charge enough and amp; replace it all they carn`t get it wrong b*ll*cks :(

Let me know what you want to do ?

19-02-2002, 22:09
Ive replied to the other thread before reading this Dave call or text my no and I'll phone you right back.
07801 444628 (perhaps you could fit blades bits?)