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11-02-2002, 15:06
Last week, 5 laps on the Ring. Noticed a bit of an oily smell. Did not see anything.

Yesterday, in lap 4, suddenly oil over the right side of the windshield. The oil stick had come up and ca. .75 liter of oil had splashed out. Very messy. The dip stick was very loose though.

My engine breather works fine (the one from the engine cover) through a catch tank (into the intake again).

After cleaning, I noticed oil coming out from the silicon hoses near the bov: the whole intake side was full of engine oil! The catch tank only had a few mm's of oil in it. Oil appeared to be cleaner in the catch tank as well. Compared to inside the hoses going to the bov from direction intercooler.

What is going on? Are the two oil spills related?

Engine runs fine, water temp ok. Boost ok. Have no oil pressure gauge.

Is there a second breather dumping into the intake side???

I dont think it is the o ring of the compressor. Probably, knowing my luck, it is something to do with combustion gasses passing into the oil pan and raising pressures there. Compression test? Better pistons/rings?

Running ca. 1.4 bar and car is 13000 km 'old'.

I am starting to believe that the Evo with a bit more boost is not tough enough for Ring use.

11-02-2002, 15:57
Found the second one: behind, dumps directly into the intake. The valve workes.

So if there is piston-blowby, which would explain the dip stick, how does the oil get into the intercooler hoses?

11-02-2002, 19:59
....getting kind a nervous......

Claudius v1.4
11-02-2002, 20:16
I get a little oil coming back thru the BOV. That is supposed to be normal.

11-02-2002, 20:57
I normally dont get any oil at all, thanks to the catch tank. Now the hoses are soaked in oil.

And Claudius, I like your casual response, but when the dip stick gets thrown up and the whole engine bay gets covered in oil, something serious should be wrong.

My big question (till the compression test I hope) is if the two oil spills are related?!? Do I have a blown o-ring in the compressor housing AND piston blow by??

Heave Ho Six
11-02-2002, 22:06
Due to the increased crankcase pressure is oil being forced through the catch tank and back into the intake piping? It would explain both leaks.
Faulty PCV valve causing the excessive crankcase pressure?

Sorry just guessing.

Claudius v1.4
11-02-2002, 23:53
Sorry Gerrit,

I am not saying your car is fine, how could I tell? It was just ageneral thought of anything related on my car, that's it.

What you describe sounds unfortunately a lot worse, but I didnt want to tell you that as a first reply. :) I think Ralliart are right in saying you should upgrade the internals when turning up the boost. you should have listened to them and bought GBP 2500 worth of internals plus labour costs and you would be / have been save.

My local rallye team have a spare used 4G63, email me if you need one :D

12-02-2002, 06:46
Hi, wwhey here,

Hope this helps, the dip stick is really loose on my car as well, flatten two sides of the was round dip stick hole with a pair of pliers.

Now really need to try really hard to check engine oil :)

The breather tank I have vents to atm. Not sure why, but work shop guys recomments.

just my 2cents worth, still searching for a XXXL size flame suit :)

12-02-2002, 13:13

PCV valve? Is that the one from the second breather? Purple coloured? That one is working. Could a damaged turbo increase the oil pressure and make the car 'ejaculate' the oil through the dip stick?

We will do a compression test tomorrow.

12-02-2002, 13:46
If the turbo is damaged then it could be oil from the turbo bearings passing into the turbo and then into the intercooler pipework and this would explain the coating of the intercooler. Not sure about a damaged turbo increasing the oil pressure though.


Heave Ho Six
12-02-2002, 23:40
What you need to do is see where the oil contamination starts from in the intake. Does it start in the intake before the compressor or at the compressor? If it's before then oil is probably being forced through your catch tank into the intake by the excess crankcase pressure, if not then it is probably the seals on the turbo shaft letting oil by. I suppose it is possible that the compressor could cause the oil to become pressurised via a leaky shaft seal but I would have thought it unlikely.

13-02-2002, 06:53
I hate to say this, but in all my years of blowing up 4G63's it sounds like a piston has gone or is on the way out.

13-02-2002, 07:09
Time for a cylinder leakdown test!

According to the director of HKS Europe, it seems quite a few evo engines are coming
in with melted pistons at just 350bhp !!! Not good news......


13-02-2002, 17:54
N Ring,
A few years back may friend had a 309 gti.this car spat oil out through the dipstick,we used the end off a sparkplug lead(the rubbery bit)put it over the tube and this held the Dipstick in place.But.Soon after this the timing belt snapped:(.Again the engine was put back together,and shortly after this (100 miles)the engine blew:( i dont know if these things were all related but it was a hell of a coincidence.

Get ya engine checked over just to be safe.

16-02-2002, 20:12
Haaaa, super laps on the Ring today! Passed (outaccelerated a new Porsche 4S today, at only 1.35 bar boost!).

What was wrong:

-dipstick thing: I was dippey!! My breather hose was restricted because of a mistake I made in connecting two hoses!!

-oil in hoses: leaking turbo. Got new turbine wheel assembly and am now waiting for the oil to slowly clear out of the system. Drilled small hole at the bottom of the intercooler to drain it (yes, closed it afterwards again!) and remove/clean oil once in a while from all the hoses.

Hope to get some warrenty still!!

Next, we will have to exchange the syncro ring for 5th gear. Then the car is (hopefully) ready for the Ring meet on the 2nd and 3rd of March!!!

Sunday Ring day again!

17-02-2002, 07:13

You've already told me the good news but nonetheless good to see you're conquering the Ring again. Just checked my turbine wheels yesterday and everything is ok. Have to fit downpipe in two hours and then setting up the MBC. Then going to meet MichaelK in Zurich!



17-02-2002, 22:18
It was great today!

The stock evo 7 is very fast. With 1.4 bar boost my 6 was only a tad more powerfull (two people in the 6, one in the 7). My Falkens are not that great.