View Full Version : 2010 winning car for sale

22-08-2010, 09:21
does anyone remember that FTO from 2009 that ran away with qualifying and was lapping people after 3 laps but due to an undiagnosed broken water pump blew it's engine after 20 mins.

well it's for sale for 250 if anyone wants to drop a new lump in it and win this year.

it is pre stripped, has the rally tyres and brake lights already fitted and apart from bashing a few panels straight (Halbert did drive it for 5 mins after all) and putting the new lump in is ready to race.

i was going to do the work myself, that's why i kept it, but the team has sort of fell apart this year hence it isn't realistically going to happen

call Greg on 07813 155687 - car is based in kidderminster

There are loads of engines on ebay, one for 1.20 with 2 days left to run


22-08-2010, 18:12
What was it winning mate?

22-08-2010, 18:13
Look at the section ;)