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02-12-2009, 21:00
New to the forum (and sorry if this is in the wrong section).

What would you guys and girls say is a fair price for a '92 evo. 72k on the clock, no service history, been standing over a year (under a tree!).
The car needs a respray ideally although a good mopping etc might do the trick, you never know!

Has a dent in the rear pillar (I can sort this out) and the brakes "need sorting". This may mean new pads and stripping/rebuilding the calipers etc, or it may mean the whole lot needs replacing..

I need to know what it's worth (roughly) and what other issues the early cars have. Any help apprieciated. Many thanks, Stu. :confused:

02-12-2009, 21:01
500-1000 tops

02-12-2009, 21:10
Yeah it's a shame but earlys arnt worth much anymore

02-12-2009, 21:19
500 is what she wants..

Are there any common issues, things that usually go wrong? I don't want to dive in head first without knowing and end up regretting it. I guess I'm looking at a full service, cambelt and getting the brakes up to scratch at the bare minimum.

02-12-2009, 21:23
Issues with (some) of the earlies, is crankwalk / rusting roofs / crunching gearbox's.
Other than that they are superb - probably the best performance car on the market for the money.

02-12-2009, 21:38
Cheers for the replies. Soooooo...are the couple of people that I have spoken to about these car correct in saying that parts are really hard to get hold of and expensive as buggery? I thought I'd come on here and actually ask people that know what they're talking about instead of listening to people harping on about grey imports that have never actually owned one.

"Ohh, you don't wanna buy one of them! 10mpg and the brakes will cost ya at least five hundred quid brov, innit"..........Yawn.

02-12-2009, 21:43
There's always several early evo's breaking - look in the parts for sale section on here / Evo123.net and ebay. Or try Champions in N yorks.

Brakes - you can get a good new full set of discs & pads for 250.

You will also find Camskill in Cumbria do a lot of new / aftermarket stuff.

02-12-2009, 21:53
Lol I hear the same all the time, I've found regular servicing,warm up/cool down time and being properly set up helps alot. I've replaced things to preempt any problems lol

for 500 regardless if the brakes need looked at, it's plenty of bang for little bucks haha, they are ace fun and cos they arnt so popular not alot of regular folk know what it is lol I always get told "nice scooby mate!" lol

02-12-2009, 22:04
I'd pay 500 for that :smthumbup

02-12-2009, 22:18
I'd pay 500 for that :smthumbup

if you did have wedding to pay for :blah:

Sideways Steve
02-12-2009, 22:43
Yeh but just make sure its deffo an Evo and not just an 1800 Lancer 4 x 4 Turbo !! Theres a big difference in performance and its easy to mistake the cars if they have been messed about with :)

super rover
03-12-2009, 16:37
if you must have a E1 why not buy this and keep it for spares and find a nice one ,yes its cheap for what it is but it could also be a complete headache if it starts needing bits chucked at it

03-12-2009, 22:10
500 is a bargain. I paid over 2k for mine but it had just recently had a lot spent on it with service/cambelt/suspension etc and it has been great!

If you dont buy it I will for spares, make a fortune breaking it.