View Full Version : Ev04 Bos

18-11-2009, 16:26
This little red cutie is exactly what I want (MR FQ-320).

This car has been up for sale for a while and that concerns me, all the others at the garage have sold, but this lingers.


Does it have a bad history?

20-11-2009, 15:32
is it hpi clear? no previous Cat c or D damage? :confused:

Black Knight
20-11-2009, 16:15
need to know the correct reg no as that one has been taken of the car

22-11-2009, 19:00
Went to look at the car and it had a different plate, maybe it wasn't the same one (is the ad is used to get people in?).
It was the worst conditioned MR I have ever seen.

Thanks anyway.