View Full Version : looks like a bargain to me!!

17-11-2009, 19:53

Northy 8
17-11-2009, 19:56
Is this bruce that worked at mad mats
Do not recall it running a 10.4 at the 30-130mph day

17-11-2009, 19:58
That bruces old car ,he sold it a long time ago ..

17-11-2009, 19:59
i got a feeling that its coming down my way :angel:

i feel its a bit expensive myself

17-11-2009, 20:00
thats a lot of car for the money mate.... look at jimbobs:eek:

Northy 8
17-11-2009, 20:01
I don't remember it running that 30-130mph time at the mlr

smithy evo9
17-11-2009, 20:04
its on ebay i think

Uncle Winnet
18-11-2009, 15:43
on a 9 gt turbo it wont do a 10.4

18-11-2009, 16:04
Usual story ..... Engine rated to 800 will run 650+ but only set to 450bhp (what a waste)

Nice car but looks abit expensive to me.