View Full Version : yellow E5 engine info wanted R42 GCL

15-11-2009, 14:24
As title guys, purchased this earlier this year, happy with car but no info on engine supposedly forged with green ? turbo AVCR etc reg is R42 GCL, if any body recognises it and would be willing to point me in the right direction, as to who did the work, which owner had it done, it would be much appreciated thanks:smthumbup

15-11-2009, 14:27
Got any pictures of the car as this will help;)


15-11-2009, 14:48
car is in the garage ( pro-tec preston lancs) having bolts in the transfer box done, so cant take pics at the mo, will try and dig out the ones from the advert when i bought it, there is a plaque under the bonnet syaing "tuned by clive atthowe" which i've discovered is somewhere in norfolk?, apart from that its yellow ( no s**t sherlock) E8 alloys, 5zigen exhaust and had black chequered graphics on it (now gone)

15-11-2009, 14:55
Have a read HERE CLICK ME (http://www.lancerregister.com/showthread.php?t=274953)

I will let you make up your own mind.


15-11-2009, 15:07
yep seen that Lee, in fact i replied to him (2nd to last post on page 2) i Pm the owner to see if he had any paperwork or knew who had done the work but got no reply, so thought i'd try my luck on here, diffs good also no problems with gearbox, so some work must have been done on it, but again no paperwork:smthumbup

30-11-2009, 13:00
bump for this, tis my old car.

terry, you say the work was done in norfolk? The chap I sold it to @ 72k miles lived in wales.

30-11-2009, 13:36
due to recent "happenings" on here i"d whip the sump off and check rods,you cant fit 5 pistons to forged rods,so if rods are forged its safe to assume pistons are.
the turbo can be identified by an fp plaque,or a very fine fp stamp[on the flat id part of its intake body]

30-11-2009, 13:54
a quick call to clive will straighten this out no doubt-


30-11-2009, 20:41
Cheers tony the turbo has a stamp on the flat side marked i think its FP ? phil i,ve spoken to jason ( the lad from wales who you sold on to, he confirms he nev er had engine work done but did say the idiot who bought it from him 2008 was a silly young lad who had more money than sense, will have to get the sump off if the weather ever improves eneugh, having no paperwork is a bind only really when you sell on, if i cant prove the work was done, i just wont add it to the advert ( not thinking of selling yet, normally keep a car about a year, low boredom threshold i think, or i see something bright and shiny and want it)but thanks for all the help guys, might even ask pro-tec if they would be willing to right up the engine spec, as far as they know without stripping it right down:smthumbup

30-11-2009, 20:44
just spoken to mark @ pro-tec and he reckons the turbo is a hybrid TD05/TD06, and phil ive mailed clive the lad from norfolk to see if he can shed any light :smthumbup

01-12-2009, 12:25
Just remembered, I bought the car from Great Yarmouth and the guy I bought it from used Clive Atthow to do the cambelt and check the fuel air ratios, thats it.