View Full Version : Any one know this Evo??

22-08-2009, 10:24
Hi guys,

I'm new on here. Been wanting an evo since i can remember and the time has finally come! :smthumbup I was looking at a 9 fq 320 in Ireland but unfortunately it has finance from a previous keeper so thats out the window! Have seen a 8 gsr which is modded (reg - EV04MUN) does anyone know any history to this car? Its currently on pistonheads but no price - he wants offers. Whats it worth??

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks Greg

26-06-2011, 19:50
Hi greg,
I used to own this evo....
Fantastic car was damaged repaired, but still a brilliant car.
I sold it for 8600 about 16 months ago....
SInce have seen it advertised for lots more with high mileage....!
I sold it at 33k miles......
Nothing appears to have changed.... except the price...lol