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28-04-2008, 13:39

A new Branding and a very busy and exciting future ahead.

Running Since 2003 we have worked with some of the best people in the Japanese Tuning and Race scene and continue to do so. We also have had the pleasure of working on MANY enthusiasts cars over the years. Our creations and designs have featured in and on covers of many magazines even outside the UK. Our ever growing GALLERY of work can be found here CLICK HERE FOR GALLERY (http://www.sjsdesign.com/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi?usr=51F7734299&rnd=6104428&rrc=N&affl=&cip=

We have worked with the Lancer Register from our start and early on they asked us to liven up the Hospitality vehicle that goes to all the Shows and events and also look after the members to the best of our ability with quality products.

Our fitting services have to be the best as we are given peoples pride and joys and expensive race cars that are viewed by the masses. Not everyone can fit vinyl to this level of finish or will take the time and patience with many long hrs (on some jobs) to make sure you leave with nothing but 110% from us. We fit nearly all vinyl dry this will the give the best result and vastly improve how long it lasts. Steer clear of people applying with soapy water if you want it to last ask about their methods. Good vinyl applied well will last for years!

Our range of services has grown over time along with our knowledge and skill level and understanding how import the right vinyl or tool set up really is. The industry is saturated with start-ups and people thinking its easy, we have seen many come and go thanks to poor quality cheap Chinese machines, inexperience with materials and installation and basic lack of imagination and vision.

We bring MANY years of professional design experience. Simon worked in the games industry as an artist building to senior artist for over 10 years, this background has given a skill set to SJSdesign that make us stand out from the rest. We use a combination of 2d/3d and hand-draw skills to create anything from a logo from scratch right up to complex intricate designs. A brain that is always active, imaginative and inspired is some key factors to produce something special for your vehicle.

New to SJSdesign in 2008 is our ability to supply Japanese styling parts direct from the manufacture in Japan. Many body kits ranges and various other styling parts we can now provide using a low cost Airfreight service with a turnaround of 2-4 weeks. We take care of all VAT/Duty charges so just one price and piece of mind. We feel this is a great addition the exterior vehicle services we already provide we hope you do to. We are also working on having affiliated business’s that can fit and paint if need be.


Design and creation of full race graphics world wide. (We can travel to other countries)

High quality Rally replicas (We aim to get as close to the original as we possibly can)

VERY Professional fitting service with combined experience of 30 years!

Fully wrapped vehicles including full colour prints/designs

Mail order via our website. (Various Logos, Stickers, Decals, Pre-cut Sun strips, Stripes and Graphics.

Full colour printed vehicle graphics (let the full colour possibilities loose)

Thermal printed graphics (Prints colours like White, Metallic and even Chrome onto various Vinyl’s)

Bulk Club and Trade graphics (From small logos, website names and Sun strips)

Special vinyl’s Chrome (lots of colours) Reflective, Carbon fibre, Matt, Fluorescent, Glow in the dark, Brushed metals to name a few.

The supply of many brands of Japanese Styling and select ranges of automotive parts.

Finally, our work is not just a job or another sideline to an exsiting business, it is a pure passion of design and creation and working with like minded petrol heads. We are continuing to improve oursleves and deal with the high demand our products now bring.


ALL at the SJSdesign Factory

A small selection of some Evo projects we have worked on













01-05-2008, 10:57
Watch this space, new items will be available for the EVO X

First up precut Sunstrips


01-05-2008, 14:21
Looking good Si :D

05-05-2008, 12:30
Looking good Si :D

Cheers Ant, :smthumbup

05-05-2008, 12:36
Cheers Ant, :smthumbup

I hope you're still working on my design for the evo 8 and not wasting time tinkling about on here, only kiddin :smthumbup :smthumbup (Michael Smith)

05-06-2008, 23:11
Looking good Si :D

Gotta say seeing your car at silverstone at the weekend it did look the part in the flesh :)

05-06-2008, 23:17
Would like to announce that we have new member of staff here at SJS who will mainly be managing all the mailorder and website orders, along with the production lads.

You will be seeing much improved turnaround on mail order goods and also much more choice.

Mark will have his own username shortly so you can PM him etc leaving my self to work on the huge amount of car designs/projects that are coming through the door. Got some real crackers so watch this space!


06-06-2008, 17:03
Thats good news but your website has stil some failers, so you cant see the colour chart.

Cant you make a precut sunstrip that you can stick on the inside?


11-06-2008, 23:59

21-08-2008, 14:55
New products are up on website with more to follow :)



21-08-2008, 16:59
Tell me, do you only do big jobs or is no job too small?

21-08-2008, 17:13
Tell me, do you only do big jobs or is no job too small?

PM me Rob or fire an email over to Mark@sjsdesign. All the small mailorder bits and peices are dealt with by Mark and the lads, I concretate on the larger full projects now.

We have made huge improvements to meet the mail order demand, with great feedback from our customers.

Theres always some TINY jobs that we have to pass on (for example making a single 1" ralliart logo that goes by the gear stick)

09-10-2008, 10:48
More upates in our gallery and new products like the latest version of our TME stripe kit are now on our website.

09-10-2008, 11:33

Did you get hold of an X to do the template for the sunstrip?


09-10-2008, 12:00

Did you get hold of an X to do the template for the sunstrip?


Did you say were going pop over? :D

If i can get to Snett at the weekend i can have the pick of the bunch!

09-10-2008, 12:07
I can pop over now if you are around, just pm me your address and I will come over :smthumbup

09-10-2008, 12:13
hell why not, i could with a break from all this designing today :)

PM on its way

06-04-2009, 00:18
A few newer Evo pics to add to this thread