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15-04-2008, 18:53
You may or may not know that Scott Lowe Ltd offer a vinyl graphic design and cut service.

We can supply anything from a simple mudflap sticker to a fully fitted vehicle graphics job.

Competitive pricing, top quality vinyl and quick turnaround, please get in touch with your requirements to obtain a quote :smthumbup

Our vinyl products include car club stickers, website addresses, names, company/brand logos, window stickers, stick-on number plates etc etc.

Please take a look at a few examples we have designed and/or fitted;

15-04-2008, 19:06
Also, currently doing an offer on The Spirit Of Competition decals in a wide range of colours at 4 each :smthumbup

15-04-2008, 19:44
how much is a stick on front number plate please?

15-04-2008, 19:46
10 delivered :)

15-04-2008, 19:47
Do you do the SOC logo in carbon effect?

15-04-2008, 19:49
No Gary, sorry. It has too much fine detail for carbon effect :(

15-04-2008, 19:50
YHPM (wait 2 mins till I write it though ;) )

15-04-2008, 20:05
how much is a stick on front number plate please?

10 delivered :)

is that any size as it will need to go on evo 8 front bumper on the passenger side?

15-04-2008, 20:06
Any size up to and including standard regulation :)

17-04-2008, 19:53
how do i order and pay please, i dont use paypal?

17-04-2008, 20:00
hi scott send your logos for free , i advertise it for you:D i got voltex side skirt every body looking::thumbup:

17-04-2008, 20:03
You ladies can hook me up with one of those MG-Auto's decals for the pimp-mobile!!! :D (gotta be all white & orange/red cos black doesn't show up on my subtle 260)
Seriously tho, i'll send you a message Scott about my need for www.demandbetteraudio.co.uk decals for my sills and rear window ;)
(has to be 'Futura' font or similar)

Njoy, and looking very good Scott,

17-04-2008, 20:09
We can take cards over the phone :)
Thanks Jack1, pm me your address for delivery :)
Senior Pimp, get in touch :)

18-04-2008, 10:48
PM Sent mate:smthumbup

18-04-2008, 17:01
Hello Scott,

Do you also make sunvisors??


25-04-2008, 11:34
Eric, we can supply sunvisors but not cut to shape at the moment. They have to be cut in situ.

Just in, new carbon fibre 2x2 weave, this is awesome. Look at the reflection of the weave;



25-04-2008, 12:00
YHPM Scotty-boy :D

26-04-2008, 14:19
hi Scott

do you do vinyl design too ?

I'm after somethign for my car but not sure what I want

something to brighten the car up on track / sprints, but not too over the top for road / work use




26-04-2008, 14:39
can you make these stripes? iv been waiting for mitsubishi for nearly a month now


28-04-2008, 08:53
Raj, yes we can create designs too.
Deano, we could do the stripes as shown.

26-03-2011, 18:09
Also, currently doing an offer on The Spirit Of Competition decals in a wide range of colours at 4 each :smthumbup

Interested in one of these for a silver MR. How much for a black decal delivered?

03-09-2011, 18:43
Hi mate, nothing about ur offers here but are u local to me in devon, saw a white MR with Scott lowe decals on today and wondered if it was urs, was parked up in Morrisons car park? (see spotted section)

if so is the business local? what services do u offer, is it just vinyl decals??

03-09-2011, 18:45
It might have been my old car but i sold it over a year ago, and the lad who bought it then sold it to a lad from down south somewhere. I shut the business down a couple of years ago too. In fact I have nothing to do with Evos at all (for now, would love another though)

Northy 8
03-09-2011, 18:52
Scott, Are you going around in an old jag mate

03-09-2011, 18:53
yeah I am Northy, but dont tell anyone ;)
Looking for a new motor at the minute though, Evo X or summat

Northy 8
03-09-2011, 18:54
Get an evo x bought my friend.,
Nice car

03-09-2011, 18:58
Just waiting for price to drop a bit more ;)

Northy 8
03-09-2011, 19:20
I would too,,
I wouldn't buy anything till feb next yr as there is still loads more to come off yet