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18-02-2008, 14:27
After 1 year of testing, we have found that the Mitsubishi oil filters are not up to the task of a high performance engine. Here are some reasons why we find these to be inadequate:

1) Restrictive (poor flow)
2) We have seen on several occasions where they have come loose
3) Some of the aftermaket ones are OK, but expensive and dont offer the flow characteristics of a chevy big block oil filter

We at Enzo Racing have come up with an excellent solution offering a affordable upgrade.

Our kits come complete with everything necessary to convert your Evo oil filter to a bigger and better type FRAM Racing Oil Filter. This is a upgrade that everyone can take advantage of, from mild to wild applications.

Kit includes the following:

1 x HP4 Fram Racing Chevy Big Block Oil filter
1 x Oil Filter Mount
1 x Mitsu Oil Filter Adaptor Plate
1 x Cool Blue Hoses (10ft.)
8 x Fittings
All necessary hardware to complete the conversion
Installation instructions

Benefits of adding this to your vehicle:

1) Improved oil filtration and flow
2) Never gets loose
3) Very important, allows for more available oil with the introduction of 1 extra quart of oil to the engine (filter holds 3 x the amount of oil compared to mitsis filter)
4) Filters are readily available at most performance suppliers

Very easy to fit, can be done in under 1 hour. If you prefer to have this installed, we reccomend Russ from Wallace Performance to do the job.

195 all inc.

Introductory offer: I will include 3 oil filters with the kit instead of 1. :)

PM me for further details

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