View Full Version : TRL Official Haltech ECU dealer

Matt TRL
17-02-2008, 19:56
TRL Became Haltech dealers back in December 2007.

Haltech was one of the first Stand alone ECU manufactures, They are BIG in Australia and the USA. There systems offer excellent engine control. And After sale support is second to no none.

After inhouse MAP development TRL is Happy to anounce Haltech Plug and play ECU's for Evo 1to9, 10 coming soon.

These ecu's are speed density based and come with 3,4 or 5 bar map sensors and have additional features which Include...............

Switchable maps (pump fuel/race fuel, or High grade pump fuel/low grade pump fuel)

Launch control

Anti Lag (to be released soon)

Mivec controll for Evo 9

Nitrous control

Closed loop boost controll.

Aircon Control.

Price are on Application but start from 1350 Supplied,Fitted and maped with dyno graphs.

PM Me or call on the number below for a quote to meet your requirements.

Kind Regards