View Full Version : MLR500 Cancelled

30-04-2007, 20:16
With the deadline of 30 April now here, I'm very sorry to say that we have no choice but to cancel the MLR500 for 2007. :cry:

After such a fantastic event in 2006 which felt like it would go on for ever - the only problem being could it ever be as good again! :D - we now know the first MLR500 will be unsurpassed!

Thanks to everyone who registered or booked in their team, but unfortunately with only 11 registered out of the 20 needed it was simply not economically viable to continue in the hope that the event will break even. . . or even get close. :(

I'm very sorry to those of you who may have bought cars and / or were looking forward to taking part in the rematch of what was (possibly) the best event of 2006. I will refund those who have paid and will consider whether to make the event bi-annual - if the venue is still available in 2008 of course.

01-05-2007, 07:55
Sorry to hear that Darin was a great event last year ...........Maybe too many things going on :confused: like time attack ....mlr sprint etc ...