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05-12-2006, 09:58
Posted up on behalf of a customer any questions please call Tariq on 07817525828.

Evo 8 260
54 plate
Low mileage

Full conversion consisting of full stainless exhaust
HKS srs induction kit
Turbosmart Dual Port dump valve
ARP Rod bolts
Uprated fuel pump
Ecutek Remap

Other extras include
Full Helix organic clutch kit inc new flywheel (33% uprated)
4 new TOYO T1-R tyres
Smoked tints
Genuine mitsubishi Carbon fibre vortex generator


05-12-2006, 15:18
sorry to go off topic, could you put up some pics of that gorgeous sunbeam in the background please.

05-12-2006, 15:23
HOW MUCH ?????????

05-12-2006, 16:11
LOL, i ll take some pics of the 'beam and put them in the gallery at some point !

Price wise give tariq a call he just asked me to post a few pics and spec !

05-12-2006, 16:35
If any one does ring and get a price, please post so we all know. Thanks!!

09-12-2006, 13:13
well youve seen my car and i bet youve all liked it ......the big question is HOW MUCH?????

well im looking at around 16500...or am willing to exchange for an evo 4 with a little something on top...

09-12-2006, 13:21
guess quite a few of you are intrested in my pride and joy posted by my mate john (on page 2 now)...well if you are, im also interested in exchanging 4 an evo4 with a little cash on top.

Its also got a cat 1 cliford alarm (with receipts)., and an anti highjack system, so let me know.

09-12-2006, 15:24
Why have you put an MR badge on the back :confused:

09-12-2006, 16:09
the remap ive had matey makes my car as good as the new mr 360 out this year .

10-12-2006, 13:11
Originally posted by thatevo
the remap ive had matey makes my car as good as the new mr 360 out this year .

It also has FQ300 badges too?

Is it FQ or a 260 :confused:

No pics of inside?

Whats low mileage etc... <than 10,000?

16-12-2006, 11:07
price ammendment, the car is at 15 500

16-12-2006, 11:09
PRICE AMMENDMENT the car is at 15 500

21-01-2007, 15:38
this car now comes with a exedy hyper twin plate clutch.

21-01-2007, 16:43
hey mitsu stigi :rolleyes:
thinkthat evo,s havinng a personality crisis with his car

21-01-2007, 17:15
My car is all real matey...at least im not having a personality crisis like you wanting to be ' the stig' from Top Gear!.....huh....330bhp?....that means ill see you in my rear view... :)

21-01-2007, 18:36
car looks pretty sweet - good luck with the sale :)

personally i think it would be better if you at least removed the MR badge though. false advertising imo.

22-01-2007, 08:14
agree mr wannabees :rolleyes:

is your rearviewmirror from an mr ,fq, gsr :D

sending you some top trumps to play with 340 bhp :moon:

Mr G
22-01-2007, 08:19
Excuse me for asking but how many times has the clutch been changed ? ? ? is the clutch organic or hyper? :confused: :rolleyes:

28-01-2007, 15:39
this is my second clutch since the helix organic 1 nw it has a brand new hyper Exedy twin plate clutch which gives an excellant launch, and puts the power down better then the helix clutch which could'nt provide good launches.

28-01-2007, 18:42
why do you want to launch your car. Its the fast way to no rear diff ayc.