View Full Version : evo6 gsr uk

20-11-2006, 19:20
i am putting my car 4 sale details can be found on this web site an info you can call me on 07971279780 go 2 www.mansfieldautoexchange.co.uk thanks 4 looking plateis in with the car

Northy 8
20-11-2006, 19:31
Have you given up, sad to hear mate :confused: :coolsm:

20-11-2006, 19:34
4 the time being got to put my wife/kids first when they come back and i be back soon

20-11-2006, 19:38
Yes theres more important things in life than a car Simon ;)

Hope ya sort it :)

20-11-2006, 19:40
thank adam i be back check the site out looks good the l200 mine and the caravan to giveing it all up