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07-11-2006, 21:34
See Below For Update on Spec Price etc :) :cry:

07-11-2006, 21:37

Rough price? :coolsm:

08-11-2006, 09:34
See Below for update on price and spec details :)

08-11-2006, 09:36
open to offers though.

as previosly said fantastic condition lots spent on it.

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08-11-2006, 14:56
*Rare opportunity to own one of the finest*

EVO VII RS Sprint (Supplied Extreme Automobiles aka Ralliart UK) No electric windows etc, no aircon, no ABS, 5 speed short ratio gearbox and RS Limited Slip Diff, ACD, 2.2 steering Lock

General Info: 2 owners (Including Myself)
Mileage: 18,000 FSH
Year: 2003
Serviced by RG Motorsport / Tuned by M A Developments
Private Plate: E7 BHP

Modifications: Forge recirc BOV, ARP Con Rod Bolts, Autronics ECU (Mapped on the road by Mark Shead), Walbro 255l fuel pump, APS FMIC, uprated fuel pressure reg, Magnex 3 down pipe, HKS De-Cat, HKS Hiper Muffler exhaust system, HKS Super Power Flow induction, new Exedy twin plate clutch, lightweight flywheel, B&M short shifter, 18 pro race 1.2 white alloys with new Toyo T1-Rs, 2 sets of extra tyres and wheels, red Ralliart mud flaps, Ralliart sunvisor supplied by and fitted by SJS Designs, front number plate removed an replaced by vinyl to aid intercooler airflow, Sat Nav + more to many extras to remember

Performance: produced 379 BHP 369 Ft Lbs @ WRC Technologies and ran 0-60 4.5 secs @ Trax 2006, Power Run Graphs and 0-60 slip available

This car is immaculate no money has been spared, only run on Optimax, cleaned every weekend and has been an incredible experience; I would love for it go to new home where it will be loved just as much!

18,500 ono





EVO Magazine Review on the standard car (http://www.evo.co.uk/carreviews/evocarreviews/15577/mitsubishi_evo_vii_rs_sprint.html)

I Will get some interior shots this weekend for those who are interested

08-11-2006, 15:04
Very nice indeed, how about some shots of the interior, seats etc, and engine bay??

08-11-2006, 15:21
Originally posted by windowlicker
Very nice indeed, how about some shots of the interior, seats etc, and engine bay??

Read the post above you !! :moon:

08-11-2006, 15:29
You have PM

Jerry Flint
08-11-2006, 15:43
Can't see the pictures. Confuser says forbidden!

08-11-2006, 15:44
Originally posted by seand
Read the post above you !! :moon:

At least its worth me spending time putting obvious mistakes:blush: in my posts , just to see if other MLR members are on the ball, Well done that man, you have earned a Brown star for that observation ;)

09-11-2006, 13:10
I don't know who is more gutted you're selling me or you!!!

Whoever gets this car is one very lucky person indeed and it has been maintained by the best in my opinion and I have been around here quite a little while to know.

It has all the right aftermarket parts, and in its current state of tune will go on forever.

If I had the money I'd buy it tomorrow!

:cry: :(

09-11-2006, 15:10
only just registered on here as my friend has just let me know about an 7rs sprint for sale on here which im looking for, well except possibly an mr if its within my budget!

he said you wanted 16K for it, but price above is 18.5K???? which is over my budget for one of these, m8 had one and he got me into the no frills rs model.......much better than my gsr model i had before, but pretty specialist really when coming to sell as most are put off by no electrics, no ayc and so on.

I got around 16k to spend (14-16K is the going rate for these normally) but this is the model im looking for and can do a deal asap if its as mint as you say.

aint got used to using this site properly yet, but reply if your interested an we can arrange a meet up.

nice one.

09-11-2006, 15:47
Gutted your selling mate, one of the cleanest and most looked after Evo's out there, and it's bloody quick too :eek: Bargain!!

09-11-2006, 15:58
I like this car :coolsm: :coolsm: good spec aswell :D

09-11-2006, 16:13
told to post this up....aint too sure how all these pm's work yet.....fairly new to websites......

I'm James's brother You are correct the price was increased after my brother re calculated his finances, and he can't let the car go for the original price, small modifications don't add any value to the car but the ECU is only three months old and cost 2,500 the Intercooler was another 1000 fitted and then the twin plate clutch was 1400 and these were carried out in the last two months. the car has had approximately 9,000 spent on the engine and wheels (3 sets, two sets have next to new tyres and the other set hasn't even come out of the boxes).

Another reason for the increase in price is James received a few phone calls last night and two guys who worked on the car who said the price was silly and that it should be increased, the car is not just in good condition it is absolutely A1 mint condition better than most second hand 8's,

He is open to offers so don't be put off, but he is no rush to sell, it's just his girlfriend and himself are planning for a family, so you can imagine his heart is broken but it has to go.


Ok - I take what your saying and are def looking for a evo rs, preferably a rs7 as its more subtle than the 6. Not really interested in the other sets of wheels, just like the white ones as what r on the car now.

Im interested in doing a deal, just depends on what sort of figures.....

09-11-2006, 20:06
I can vouch for this car being a minter :cool: In fact everytime I saw it, it was always too clean :D

10-11-2006, 15:39
email sent

very interested.

edited to say just had email bounce back so will PM instead.

10-11-2006, 17:09
Hey mr Luff, after driving that GTR Skirtline do you think you could handle actually going round corners when you turn the steering wheel in an evo???
Ha Ha :moon:

11-11-2006, 16:48
just sent a pm about meeting tomorrow..

Ring me when you can


15-11-2006, 22:05
hurry it's going on ebay so any old muppet can get their hands on it :( :( :(


16-11-2006, 07:35
Not many muppets know what an RS sprint is or have 17500 !

I don't like posting on people's for sale threads - but you have different prices all over this thread - from 16.5k to 18.5k and it's now down to 17.5k.

16.5k is a more sensible price and 16k is about the ballpark figure for this car - do a search of VII RS sprints in this section and you'll get the idea.

If you would like to do a deal with my Makinen and cash your way then let me know ;)

16-11-2006, 08:24
I was called up by two people who have worked on the car who said the original price was giving it away... also this car has very low mileage for its age and is extremely clean not a stone chip or mark in sight, it truly is pristine, the pictures just do not do the car any justice really...

I think starting at 18k is reasonable and I was open to offers, but to help the car on its way I have dropped the price to 17.5k still open to offers as the car is just not being used..... Also getting offers for 12k by day dreamers was becoming tiring so I put it up to attract sensible offers as well

As much as I love TME's I have had in my view one of the greatest EVO's and have already owned VI GSR, the only reason this is up for sale is lack of use and starting a family! So I am not going to replace her when she has gone, and I don't expect to be able to replace her either which is the most upsetting thing now its come to the time to sell, Either way I will not be letting this car go for silly money,

I know every Tom Dick and Harry when selling their cars always say their car is immaculate etc but you will only appreciate how clean this car is if you see it in the flesh :)

16-11-2006, 11:34
I viewed this car on sunday and it is immaculate!!!! Better condition than the MR's and Fq's ive seen on 54/55 plates ive viewed. Also quite fast, definitely quicker cars than comparable power 8 MR's, and GSR's Ive been in.

only reason I didnt buy it, after waiting months for one to come available, is that I have found one with uprated internals, rear diff and coilovers which can handle more power, which after coming from a high spec'd pulsar I think I need.

The RS sprint is a very rare car - after visiting xtreme this morning about collecting docs etc, they said around 25 were made in total or thereabouts. Some people will offer silly money due to no electrics, abs, ayc, 5 speed box, no boot trim etc, but personally I found the later (7 onwards) gsr evos boring and not that quick once out of 2 gear so RS was the way forward for me.

Asking price - depends how long you want it for sale for, IMO it probably is worth the near asking price to the right person as its as new condition, I could not fault the car, but its just finding that person.

17-11-2006, 10:10
you have pm

21-11-2006, 09:28

08-04-2007, 18:07
14500 no time wasters no offers :cry: :cry: :cry:

08-04-2007, 19:48
For an rs sprint? bit chesp aint it.Am sure these cost circa 42k when new.

08-04-2007, 20:52
PM sent.

08-04-2007, 22:09
Originally posted by PCM
For an rs sprint? bit chesp aint it.Am sure these cost circa 42k when new.

more like 26k ;)

09-04-2007, 19:12
sorry guys forgot to mention two spare set of wheels have gone.