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03-11-2006, 16:40
::: SOLD ::: SOLD ::: SOLD :::

UPDATE ::: NOW READY FOR SALE - Sunday 19 November 2006

PRICE: £10, 950

Available from mid-November, I'll be selling my Evo VI GSR (Official UK Car #276)

340bhp Ecutek ECU map by Sam the Dentist (Dentistmapped.com)

Evo9 Helix Organic Clutch and Fidanza Flywheel recently fitted
NOTE: Replaceable face. Saves replacing the flywheel when the cluch needs to be replaced.

AP Racing front brakes (callipers, alloy bells + slotted rotors)
Goodridge brade brake hoses.
Ferrodo DS3000 pads fitted (plus new DS2500 in a box)
DS2500 rear pads

NOTE: The brakes don't look this shiny any more.. oh no! The DS3000 pads have seen to that. This is not a show car.

Ralliart Panel Filter

Iridium plugs - NGK BR8EIX

3-point upper strut brace

Cusco Rear brace

Full 3” turbo-back Mongoose exhaust
Decat pipe (plus original cat in a bag)

Ralliart Springs (black) Fitted, plus originals
Fast-road geo setup

Original Brembo callipers, disks, pads + hoses included

Official UK car (#276)
Full Ralliart Service History
Cam belts service completed
Synthetic oil used

Just had the original O.Z wheels refurbished

Removable tow ball (A rare and useful thing)

Official Ralliart mudflaps (Red)

Ralliart Carpet mats

Thatcham Cat 1 alarm

2001 car .. one of the youngest VI GSRs you’ll find.

This car has completed around 45k miles (hence the cambelt service) but the odo reads only 28k miles due to the usual grey speed-converter box failing ... see Evo FAQs. Now replaced.

I have owned this car for 3 years and it has been serviced religiously by the Official Ralliart Dealer. It has never been on a track and been enjoyed as a daily driver. :coolsm:

Tax and MOT to June 2007: £10,950

More detailed photos to follow... but a couple of scenic shots for now.

http://calumski.com/gumball/biggest/thumb_IMG_7057.JPG http://calumski.com/gumball/biggest/thumb_IMG_7073.JPG

Updated with photos taken this weekend:

If you look closely, you can see a mark on the nearside front wing, where it's been rubbed by the tyre of a parking car. The rubber mark polished out ok but the outside edge of the wheel arch still shows some evidence of the rub. I debated having it repaired, but I didn't want the car to look like it had been repaired due to a shunt. This car has never been in any kind of accident, which I suspect can't be said for many.

http://calumski.com/EVO-VI/biggest/thumb_IMGP2095.JPG http://calumski.com/EVO-VI/biggest/thumb_IMGP2102.JPG http://calumski.com/EVO-VI/IMGP2074.JPG http://calumski.com/EVO-VI/biggest/thumb_IMGP2075.JPG http://calumski.com/EVO-VI/biggest/thumb_IMGP2077.JPG http://calumski.com/EVO-VI/biggest/thumb_IMGP2079.JPG

http://calumski.com/EVO-VI/biggest/thumb_IMGP2105.JPG http://calumski.com/EVO-VI/biggest/thumb_IMGP2058.JPG


http://calumski.com/EVO-VI/biggest/thumb_IMGP2107.JPG http://calumski.com/EVO-VI/biggest/thumb_IMGP2109.JPG
NOTE: Remember, this is not the correct mileage. It's just had its 45k miles service, including cambelt change. Speedo sender unit now replaced with official Mitsi part (£160)

03-11-2006, 22:12
Pm sent

04-11-2006, 09:00
Absolutely stunning :)

More pics please

Soooo tempted .......

04-11-2006, 14:59
Oh yes indeedie, more pics on their way... but I'll wait until the wheels have been refurbed and the professional valet is complete.

The interior is standard late-Evo-VI, with the Recaro seat side bolsters in blue mesh and the base-and-back in black alcantara.


Being a UK car, the speedo has a proper mph sign and the dials are also blue-faced to match the seats and the blue-stitched steering wheel and gear lever.

It fairly brightens up the interior compared to the earlier VIs

Go to this URL, scroll down to the "Evolution VI" pic and click on "seat" and "interior look".

http://kokkhai.tripod.com/ (... it has cheesy music)

(Due to some dastardly http coding on this site, I can't get these photos to be linked from this thread directly)

04-11-2006, 19:20
Hi just a quick question does the car drink petrol worse than a standard VI? Just wondered whether the higher the bhp on these the more petrol they drink.



Gem, I hope you don't mind me replying to your PM as part of this thread since it's a good question.

As Sam the Dentist will testify, if you Ecutek your car not only does the performance improve, but the fuel economy actually improves too. The reason for this is that the standard ECU map is compromised in so many ways and essentially runs too rich over much of the range. You can spot a standard car on firm acceleration by the tell-tale cloud of sooty smoke from the exhaust.

In all, I'd say I get a good 10% extra fuel range following the remap.

Also worth noting that the remap is untraceable, since the ECU is "write only".

19-11-2006, 14:24
OK, that's the car ready for sale.

Had the AYC pump replaced with a unit from Mark Shead of M.A.Developments.

Also had the faulty speedo sender unit replaced with official Mitsi part (£160)

Wheels refurbished, including new, official O.Z Center Caps from Mitsi Dealer.

Price £10,950

19-11-2006, 16:05
Absolutly stunning , Just what im after but not got the money yet :cry:

Best of luck with the sale and hopefully one as nice as this will be avaliable in 6 months

19-11-2006, 20:11
Cheers Bud ... getting a good response on PMs. Good luck in 6 months time though ;)

21-11-2006, 08:42
Deposit Taken ...

25-11-2006, 16:03

(....what have I done ... :cry: )

25-11-2006, 21:04
...and Gem_Lou is VERY happy with it too!

Thanks for all your help and information, Calum. Very much appreciated. Car is mint and was a very enjoyable trip home :)

Its all tucked up now, and will be given the full Meguires treatment tomorrow, along with the P1 :D

Cheers :)

25-11-2006, 22:06
You guys made it hassle-free, which was also very much appreciated. Great to know that Gem is so pleased .... I take it you did actually hand over the controls before you got to Carlisle :rolleyes:

Take it easy :coolsm: