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mitsi 1
31-10-2006, 09:35
SAD TO SELL. :( :cry: :(For sale,evo 1 gsr. 1992. KReg. Prive Plate,(K***EU0. Silver,17"White oz wheels.Climate Control.
Intercooler Spray. Recaro Interior. Blitz Boost Gauge. GReedy Turbo Timer. C.D Player.
Cat one alarm,(with cert)
Genuine 86,000 on the clock.
It is in good condition,for its age.
Wax oiled.
Regular Oil Changes
Unfortunatly, It does need,o/s drive shaft,which ive priced up at 100,complete It is MOTd till april next year,Tax ran out the end of sept. :(
The car has only been owned by myself,since coming in to U.K 2yrs ago,and has been used daily,until tax expired.
ive had nothig but enjoyment out of this car,it still turns heads.
i really have been a" carefull lady drivier",i know for sure it has more to give,but these cars really are quick :D :D :D
im lookin to sell,because,i have a camper needin my assistance.
I am looki for around 2,400 (without plate)
2,8.500 (with plate)
any realistic offers will be considered.
if interested,either E.Mail. Or call 07969 886961.
it is up on Ebay so please take a look.
IT IS PRICED TO GO. and go she must :mad: :mad: :mad:
possible p/x for a VW beetle (old shape)
Or VW camper (bay) with not too much work needed plz.

01-11-2006, 15:13
Put your Ebay item number on here so people can go straight to your car on there :D

15-11-2006, 11:49
hi would you like to sell me just the plate? how much for cash?