View Full Version : swap evo 4 for my rare golf cabby????

22-10-2006, 09:46
hi, im new to the evo world and i really fancy a evo 4 im not fused on the colour or mods on the car i just want one as i really like them, i dont know if anyone would be intrested in it but i have a mk1 golf convertible gti in pearlesent white, all the mods where done at kercsher tuning in germany where the previoud owner claims he spent near on 30,000 there, its had a full wide arch kit which is all fibreglass including the doors,bumpers,side skirts, wings and rear quarters this is a professional job as none of the fibreglass has sunk over the years which some cheap jobs do, its has 3 piece bbs split rims front ones run a 225 wide tyre and the rears run a 255 and the dish is about 5 inch with all very good tread, full leather interior with black stitching and piping, chrome plaque from kerscher tuning with the chassis number on and date that was done, m3 rear lights, uprated exhaust, standard 1.8 8v gti engine, cd player, alarm, immobiliser, new roof, tonnau cover, tax and mot, 99,000 miles from new with 11 mot certificates.

this car is one of a kind and i only really use it at weekends , its won loads of vw shows as there are none of these around so it gets alot of attention

as this car is a 1988 car it has a few minor faults like the rev counter has stopped working, the wiper relay needs replacing because it only wipes on fast mode, theres a small crach about 3 inch long on the side skirt where the previous owner jacked the car up wrong, but this could be easily sorted for around 60, and the interior mirror is missing. not really any major faults just like to be honest.

so if anyone is intrested in a straight swap for there evo 4 let me know please, pics dont do the car justice it needs to be seen in person to appreciate it.

thanks for looking.

i am located in the midlands leicestershire.








23-10-2006, 17:18
i`m gonna send this back to the top as it deserves it!!!

23-10-2006, 17:25
cheers mate !

23-10-2006, 17:49
that is one sweet ass golf :p

23-10-2006, 18:51
I got a IV and am really tempted with this golf gti :D must admit looks amazing! ;)
what power is the golf pushing out is it a totally standard 1.8 8v engine?


23-10-2006, 19:46
what an amazing golf you've got there !

shaun robinson
23-10-2006, 19:53
nice car but going from an evo to a golf do you really think any one would go for that, be like thinking square wheels is good idea, no offense sell car private, what is it worth in real world? as a good 4 is worth from 7 to 9 k

good luck though mate :)

24-10-2006, 08:49
thanks for the comments people, the engine is totally standard but would be the ******** if it had a 1.8t in her, as i said i really want an evo but i havent got enough money to get one until i sell my golf so i thought it would be an idea to see if anyone would be intrested. thanks.

26-10-2006, 08:23